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    "ERA Fellowships - Science Management": An eventful first campus week comes to an end

    The campus week of the ERA Fellowships in Bonn ended on February 18, 2020. At an evening reception at the Zoological Research Museum Koenig , the fellows were once again able to exchange information on the extensive input of the campus week and network with actors from science and research funding institutions and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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    18 "ERA Fellowships – Science Management" projects approved

    In December 2019, 18 "ERA Fellowships – Science Management" projects were approved. The science management practice trainings of the EU13 fellows will take place at, e.g., universities and research institutions (such as Helmholtz Association, Leibniz).

    The trainings of the EU13 fellows at the host institutions in Germany will usually last 8-12 weeks; starting between January and March 2020 and ending on 31 May at latest. Some participating German institutions are taking the opportunity to make a reciprocal visit at the partner institution of their EU13 fellow.

    Two campus weeks in February and May (in Bonn and Berlin) will complement the practical trainings of the ERA fellows with a theoretical part. Numerous presentations will give the ERA Fellows a deeper insight into EU funding programmes, the European Research Area and science management. The campus weeks will also provide many opportunities to exchange knowledge on science management and beyond and to network.

    More detailed information will follow in February.

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    Deadline extended until 3 July 2019!

    The application deadline for the ERA Fellowships has been extended until 3 July 2019.

    If you are interested in applying, please contact a German research institution regarding the host stay and the  application. The easiest way would be to contact an institution you already are in contact with. The German research institution - which must have a focus on "Science Management" - has to coordinate the application and the submission of the application documents, including your input.

    If you are searching for a German partner institution you may also use the Partnering Tool and provide your expression of interest via the Partnering Tool.

    For more information, please contact ERAFellowships@dlr.de.

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    Funding announcement "ERA Fellowships – Science Management" published

    The funding announcement "ERA Fellowships – Science Management" was published on 17 April 2019, marking the second round of this funding action. Proposals are submitted in a two-step process by the German host institutions. Project outlines must be handed in by 19 June 2019 via the link indicated in the funding announcement.