ERA Fellowships - Overview

As part of the national strategy for the European Research Area (ERA), Germany is expanding its collaboration with the EU13 member states. These include Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The ERA Fellowships - Science Management action supports capacity building in the field of science management in the EU13 and sustainable networks between the EU13 countries and German non-university research institutes, research funding organisations and universities.

Who is it for?

The action is designed for science managers (middle administrative management level) from research institutes, research funding organisations, universities or similar institutions in the EU13 states and Germany which provide scientific contributions. The participants from the EU13 states (EU13 fellows) and the German host institutions will thus be given the opportunity to gather practical experience, acquire and expand competencies, and to establish new or strengthen existing networks.

Suitable cooperation partners can be found via the Partnering Tool. Interested host institutions and potential EU13 Fellows may register their profile in this Partnering Tool.
Important: The Partnering Tool is an additional service offer. You may use existing contacts or search for potential host institutions or Fellows independently; registering in the partnering tool is not mandatory.

More information on the target group "science managers" is available in the FAQ section.

How does it work? Theory and practice

Guest stay: During their guest stay at a German science organisation or higher education institution, the EU13 fellows gather practical experience in science management. They will get in-depth insights and exchange views on scientific management procedures and processes on an expert level. Before a fellowship begins, a structured training concept will be agreed with the German host institution.

Campus weeks: In addition to the guest stay at a host organisation, the ERA Fellowships action also features a theoretical part. An attractive programme awaits the participants on campus: Structured in "thematic days" on, inter alia, knowledge transfer, EU research funding, or internationalisation, the campus weeks provide opportunities for learning, the exchange of experiences and intensive networking. German experts will lead discussions and study trips. As the campus weeks are part of the ERA Fellowships action, participation is obligatory for the EU13 fellows. Their partners from the German host organisations are also welcome to participate in principle and will be specially invited to specific campus days.

The funding measure was first implemented in 2016 (the so-called 1st round), the second round was launched in 2019.

Planned schedule of the 2nd round of ERA Fellowships - Science Management (as at July 2019)

Time period:
8-12 weeks (including campus weeks) between 15 January and 31 October 2020. The guest stays in Germany must end by 31 May 2020.

Number of funded guest stays:
30 at maximum

Application period:
Applications follow a two-step process. Project outlines must be submitted by the host institutions to DLR-PT by 3 Juli 2019. After evaluation is completed, all successful applicants will be invited to hand in a full application.
The selected host institutions will be informed once the evaluation process is finalised.
Details of the application process are specified in the funding announcement for the ERA Fellowships.

Planned dates of the related Campus weeks

Campus week 1
Time period: February 2020
Venue: Bonn

Campus week 2
Time period: May 2020
Venue: Berlin

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the funding measure has been extended until 2021 to allow guest stays which could not be implemented or completed in 2020 to be carried out in 2021. The second Campus week was postponed as well and will probably take place in spring 2021.