Day 5 - how to participate in Horizon 2020

Today, the Fellows learned about participation in Horizon 2020 - in theory and practice. They received an introduction to financial and legal matters, and discussed topic evaluation in Horizon 2020 during a workshop. A Fellow shared first-hand experience about the application process.

Even though some may consider legal and financial issues a dry and theoretical topic, it is absolutely vital for a successful application process. Friday's presentation gave an overview of the eligibility criteria for participation in Horizon 2020 and informed about the management of EU projects. The Fellows learned about the Model Grant Agreement and about the financial management of EU projects.

Presentation by Julii Selianko

We learned first-hand from current Fellow Julii Selianko from Tallinn University what the application process is all about when it comes to writing proposals, where the pitfalls are, and what needs be taken into account. One lesson learned was to follow a well-planned timeline before and during the application process. He also pointed out to avoid the obvious - but unfortunately common - mistake of using outdated templates.

Impression from the interactive workshop on proposal evaluation      Impression from the interactive workshop on proposal evaluation

In an interactive workshop, the Fellows then had the chance to review Horizon 2020 proposals themselves and to adopt some of the collected input for their own work. This so-called "brain walk" encouraged the participants to discuss different evaluation issues.

Metaplan wall from the workshop on proposal evaluation

 Metaplan wall from the workshop on proposal evaluation





All photos: © Bjanka Bethke / DLR Projektträger