Day 3 - the European Research Area

Today's focus was on how German institutions address the European Research Area, and the cooperation between Germany and EU13 countries. In the afternoon, the Fellows and their hosts went on a guided walking tour, the "Path of Democracy", through the former capital of Germany, Bonn.

The first presentation, from the German Rectors' Conference (HRK), showed current fields of action within the  HRK European Research Policy, and how universities could contribute to the European Research Area as a connecting element at the interface of different areas, such as culture, innovation and research.

Photo o the participants during a presentation

Dr. Steffi Heinecke then introduced the Disoscuri Programme which is jointly managed by the Max Planck Society and the National Science Centre in Poland (NCN). The programme supports the development of lighthouses of scientific excellence in Central and Eastern Europe, the so-called Dioscuri Centres.

The last presentation was about the Helmholtz Association, their future agenda and challenges for the research areas. Ms. Rosenbach furthermore introduced the Helmholtz Internationalization Strategy 2017-2022 with its  respective objectives 'science diplomacy', 'expanding international strategic partnerships', 'cooperative top-level research at European level' and 'how to attract talent from all over the world'. We also learned about the Helmholtz own Initiative and Networking Fund.

Photo of the Haus der Geschichte in BonnPhoto of some participants during the walking tour

In the afternoon, the Fellows and hosts went on a guided walking tour, the "Path of Democracy", through the former capital of Germany, Bonn. They learned how Bonn became the de facto capital, officially designated the "temporary seat of the Federal institutions," of the newly formed Federal Republic of Germany in 1949, and how it transformed into the Federal City of today, with its international dimension.

Photo of participants in the Haus der Geschichte

All photos: © Bjanka Bethke / DLR Projektträger